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Reports & Services

Since 1947 Tarnell Company has been the premier provider of credit and sales process support services, as well as a suite of business and financial solutions essential for plastics industry success. We provide information on all active resin buyers in order to optimize the supplier's financial and operational understanding of both customers and prospects, as well as providing resin converters with tools for financial success.

Reports and services that give you the power to transact with an edge:

Tarnell Business & Financial Reports
Tarnell produces comprehensive, detailed business, financial, and operational reports, helping to accelerate the processes that make transactions happen. These reports, including financial statements, business stability, and purchasing and payment history, are available on more than 15,000 North American resin buyers. More

Sales & Marketing Support Tools
Do you really know the full extent of today's market opportunity? Tarnell lead-generation, account prequalification, and custom investigation services provide your sales team with the information you need to turn a prospect into a customer. More

Portfolio Management Tools
Build and maintain electronic portfolios of your customers and prospects.  Click here for a demo.
Requires Windows Media Player.

Delinquent accounts? Report them to ARbuzz!
Click here to report accounts that are slow pay, insufficient funds, or show other negative indicators. 

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Tarnell Company is dedicated to customer service! For credit inquiries, please contact us via email, or call 401.421.5800 ext 0. See who puts their trust in Tarnell Company!